VoiceEU Seminar in Madrid


Fundación Diagrama organises the “VOICE Project: Young people’s participation in European Youth policies” seminar in Madrid

On the 28th of April, the Spanish Office of the European Parliament, located in Madrid, hosted the “VOICE Project: Young people’s participation in European Youth policies” seminar, an event that was organised by Fundación Diagrama to spread the results achieved so far in this European project, led by the organisation and co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

The event, which brought 25 participants together, was an opportunity for the young people to share the experiences and lessons learnt from the various activities they had participated in, ranging from training workshops to youth dialogues with relevant stakeholders in youth-related sectors, and even an international youth mobility in Strasbourg. In addition, the event shared the different policy recommendations on the participation of young people involved with the justice system and from disadvantaged backgrounds, which have been developed from the basis of the different exchanges and the debates held in the seven European countries participating in this project.

Juan Francisco Franco, head of the Young People in Social Conflict Department of the Agency for the Reeducation and Reintegration of Minors in Conflict with the Law of the Autonomous Community of Madrid (ARRMI), and José Manuel Durán, regional director of Fundación Diagrama in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, were in charge of opening the day. Afterwards, Ana María Mansilla, project manager in the Research and Development department of Fundación Diagrama, led a presentation on the VOICE Project.

This was followed by two round tables. The first was centred around youth participation and saw the involvement of several young people supported by the PAIS Support Programme for Social and Labour Integration of the Autonomous Community of Madrid who participated in the VOICE project. The sub-director of this programme managed by Fundación Diagrama, Luis Humberto San Millán, and the instructor of the PAIS Programme, Beatriz Alonso, moderated this round table.

The topic of the second round table was the coordination and intersectionality in youth policies. It was moderated by María Campo, head of Communication in Spain for the European Commission. The speakers at this round table were Sergio López, president of the Youth Council of the Autonomous Community of Madrid; Carlos Peláez, professor of the Department of Educative Studies in the Faculty of Education in the Complutense University of Madrid; and Cristina López, head of training at Mercamadrid.